Geek T-shirts Store is a unique online clothing brand for those who love to be smart, and funny, and who adore embracing their geeky lifestyle. Our inspiration comes from making people laugh, smile, and think positively about their nerdy hobbies or profession. Each piece we design is intended to evoke a sense of interest, fun, and happiness. 


Geek T-shirts Store is for those who have outgrown their favorites from the past and who seek out new must-have items that fit their current situation in life.

SINCE 2017

Established in 2017, Geek T-shirts Store was born out of a love for designing thought-provoking t-shirts. As the brand grew, so emerged the unique style of the designs, with the use of bold icons and slick typography that appeals to intellectuals with an eye for great fashion and a well-developed sense of humor.

As Geek T-shirts Store continues to grow, we are all looking forward to establishing the Geek T-shirts Store brand further into the mainstream consciousness. This year, we will be adding awesome new designs, with lots of opportunities to reward our customers with discounts and other cool rewards for believing in the Geek T-shirts Store brand.

Back in 2017, I decided to launch a t-shirt brand with a difference – One that would focus on the nerdy hobbies that I and my friends shared in life – One that would inspire people to think differently about topics such as science, math, and coding, and one that I could have great fun developing!

Nick Jackson, Founder of Geek T-Shirts Store