Gamer T-Shirts

Calling all gamers – Put down that control pad and avert your eyes away from your game for a minute! Welcome to this unique and funny collection where original video Gamer Geek T-Shirts are yours for the taking. Level up your wardrobe with our awesome Gamer Tees today!

Choose Your Weapon DnD Role Play Gamer T-Shirt – Dice Fan Shirt – DnD Shirt


For all fans of the popular, long-standing role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, more commonly known as 'DnD' - This nerdy shirt reads 'Choose your weapon wisely' and features all the dice from the board game. It would make an awesome gift shirt for fans of the game.

  • Funny DnD role-playing game t-shirt.
  • Bold design with great use of white color for the illustrations of the dice.
  • Most popular color is black.
  • Would make a great gift for role-playing fans of the game.

I Don’t Get Older I Level Up – Funny Gamer Shirt – Video Gamer Shirt


If there's one thing a gamer loves to do it's to level up their favorite characters until they become super-powered enough to be able to beat any boss they may face in the game. In this funny gamer t-shirt, it reads 'I don't get older I level up' and features a half-full level-up bar, the perfect t-shirt for video gaming addicts.

  • Funny gamer age-related message about leveling up in life vs getting older.
  • Bold design of the level-up bar that's approximately halfway full already.
  • We love it in the heather true royal as the design really pops.
  • A great shirt for video gamers who spend a lot of their life enjoying gaming.

Its Just A Rendering Error – Funny Gamer Shirt – Video Gamer Shirt


Is it true that just because you're a video gamer, you look a certain way? Perhaps you don't get enough exercise because you're forever going online to play the latest video games? If that's the case, and you're cool with it, you'd love this shirt that reads 'Actually I look better than this, it's just a rendering error'. It'd make a great gift for a family member who is addicted to gaming and can take a joke.

  • Funny gamer shirt about not looking your best because you game too much.
  • Cool typography with a broken up 'error' which looks very eye-catching.
  • Suits all colors, we like it most in the dark grey heather.
  • Would make a great gift tee for all avid gamers.

Keep It Classic – Retro Video Gamer T-Shirt – 8 Bit Console Gamer Shirt


This is the Geek T-Shirt for all people of the age to remember playing classic consoles such as the original Nintendo Entertainment System, the Super Nintendo, and the Sega Mega Drive. It boldly celebrates the love for all things retro gaming with the statement 'Keep It Classic' and an iconic retro gaming controller. It would make the perfect gift if your dad or mom are of that generation.

  • Awesome retro reference to an 8-bit console gaming t-shirt.
  • Bold white type with a kick-ass retro gamer design.
  • Features a classic retro gaming controller of an 8-bit console.
  • Cool gift tee if your friend remembers playing retro gaming consoles.

Rock Paper Scissors Hadouken – Video Gamer Shirt – Retro Gamer Shirt


For those of you old enough to remember the old Street Fighter II game featuring Ryu, Ken and all the gang, this retro gamer t-shirt is for you! This funny shirt reads 'Rock Paper Scissors Hadouken, Pro Tip: Hadouken always wins' and features a retro pixellated Ryu for the last square. Perfect as a gift for retro video gamers.

  • Funny video gamer t-shirt and fans of the legenday game Street Fighter II.
  • Bold and stylish design featuring 'Ryu' about to unleash a hadouken.
  • We love it in the white shirt, but black and dark grey heather are also very cool.
  • Would make a great gift tee for fans of retro video gaming and SFII.