Science T-Shirts

Our Science Geek T-Shirts will make you laugh, smile, think, and inspire you and others around you to get the most out of life by appreciating the wonders of science. We have a great range of Science-themed Unisex Geek T-Shirt designs, that are perfect for all science teachers, science majors, and professional scientists alike!

ATGC DNA molecule – Science Shirt – DNA Shirt – Funny Biology Tee


This funny joke science t-shirt is a great parody of the ACDC logo, adapted to be ATGC which is a scientific term for DNA and shows an iconic DNA strand, it's perfect for all scientists. For those of you who love the classic Aussie rock band and have a passion for the study of DNA, this is simply a must-have science shirt!

  • Funny biology DNA-themed parody science t-shirt.
  • Awesome crisp design with the bold use of a DNA icon.
  • Our favorite color is the athletic grey.
  • Would make a great gift tee for scientists and fans of the study of DNA.

Engineer Noun – Engineering Shirt – Funny Engineer Job Shirt


This funny engineering shirt reads 'Engineer Noun, someone who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge. It has a bold, eye-catching design and would be great to wear at an engineering staff party or such like event.

  • Funny engineering shirt that comments on what engineering jobs can feel like.
  • Designed in a dictionary entry style, so it looks formal and believable.
  • Popular in the black color but looks great in our others too.
  • Would make a gift shirt for engineers, engineering majors, and teachers.

Pluto Never Forget – Geek Shirt – Funny Science Shirt – Space Shirt


In August 2006 the International Astronomical Union (IAU) downgraded the status of Pluto to that of a 'dwarf planet'. This funny cosmology t-shirt celebrates the life of the former planet with the headline 'Pluto, Never Forget' in a bold, slightly distressed design that is bound to be a talking point when you wear it out.

  • Funny shirt about Pluto being downgraded to 'dwarf planet' status.
  • Designed in a retro color scheme with a distressed texture applied.
  • We love it in the black color, it's definitely about space after all!
  • Would make a great gift tee for all fans of cosmology and planets.

Powered By Caffeine Chemistry T-Shirt – Science Shirt – Coffee Lover Shirt


It's certainly true that a large number of scientists like to enjoy a bit of caffeinated coffee while at work and to spark off their day with that beautiful aroma. This t-shirt is for those fans of chemistry that love a good coffee whether it be iced or hot. The design is eye-catching and would make for a great talking point on your coffee break with your scientist colleagues.

  • Clever science shirt design of 'Powered by' and then the caffeine molecule.
  • Also features a cool coffee mug with a picture of a coffee leaf on it.
  • Looks awesome in several different colors, whichever takes your fancy!
  • Would make a great gift tee for coffee-drinking scientists or science majors.

Science Doesn’t Care What You Believe In – Funny Science T-Shirt


This awesome, thought-provoking science-themed t-shirt reads 'Science doesn't care what you believe in' and features a range of science instruments. It raises some important questions about what people believe in versus scientific facts. If you're a rational thinker who isn't religious, then this shirt is a great one to spread your message that people ought to learn more about science.

  • Interesting science shirt that makes a strong point about what people believe.
  • Looks awesome in asphalt, heather true royal, and of course in classic black.
  • Would make a great gift tee for all scientists with a passion for factual data.